Nobel Son

NobelSonThis movie has more twist than I care to recall. Fairly new Bryan Greenberg plays a young man who has just been kidnapped after a night with the very sexy Eliza Dushku. Right off you know this is twist ville when we find out the kidnapper is his step brother. It does keep you guessing what will happen next. There are some shots that might scare the very young but not enough to call it a bloody nightmare. Instead it moves along with enough interest to make it even fun. In the film there is Bill Pullman, Allan Rickman and Danny Devito. The surprise to me was the mother played by Mary Steenburgen she seems so friendly and nice. But when she said its surprising what a mother is capable of doing for her son, I became very scared that this funny artsy thriller was going to take a very wrong turn. But don’t worry like I said earlier the shocking bits well to me are necessary evils. No just messing around really Its so mild for today its really a comedy really. How bad could it be also in the cast there was Ted Danson and Ernie Hudson. I mean really Cheers and Ghost Busters. Man all of a sudden I feel very old. Ok! Entertaining better than I thought it would be. A Thriller comedy how often do you get to say it and mean it. Enjoy the Twisted!


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