Tell no one 2006

TellnoOne2006I read a review about this movie and it sounded interesting. Only now I get the chance to see it. It starts very innocent with diner with friends and later a swim. Next thing you know the wife cries for help. The husband goes to see but he is struck down. This is very suspicious. Many years later we find the doctor missing his murdered wife. The story mixes a nice blend of love, family and loyalty to the people we love. I felt the pace was pretty fluid throughout. There were some interesting henchmen. Mikeala Fisher plays a thug who uses pressure points to torture people. Gilles Lellouche is a thug but one of the good guys sort of. Kristin Scott-Thomas plays friend to Alexandre Beck who is also dating Becks sister. Nice right, did I say mix story? Beck receives an email from his dead wife. So starts to build momentum. With the police thinking Beck killed his wife and soon more bodies turning up. Also the police headed up by Francois Berleand who skillfully questions an obvious setup. I remember Berleand from The Transporter all three of them. I like Berleand in The Transporter he is funnier. Its not too bloody or crazy action you know would never happen. There isn’t even any real nudity, ok except for the beginning by the lake. Really I don’t understand how its so entertaining of a movie. Do the french know something we don’t? Is it the writing setting everything to fall into place. Above all the love Alexandre Beck and Margot Beck have for each other hold above all else. Damn it even has a good ending. I don’t know if I could take this outrage. Not to worry there is balance. These gems doesn’t come around often. Yeah! Good with popcorn.


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