Star Trek 2009

StarTrek2009Having Fridays off lately from the lack of work I decided to check out the new Star Trek. A prequel of the original. The origins of James Kirk and Mr. Spock. There were reference of the characters that if you ever watched the reruns like I did you will love to remember back with fondness. To me there were surprises with Spock. I think he seem more human. But I must leave the rest a secret to see yourself. Plenty of special affects and action. Eric Bana Played Nero the villain and I have to say I’m a fan of Bana he is excellent in the movies I have seen with him. Chris Pine plays James T. Kirk hell of a job. I think William Shatner would think he was looking at himself. Back in the day when I first saw captain Kirk make out with alien women who sometimes where in blue or something. I though how cool is it to be captain. So it was fitting to see young James Kirk kissing a very sexy green woman. Every one on the Enterprise was well represented. The Dr. McCoy provided some laughs. There was new light on Nyota Uhura played by the very beautiful Zoe Saldana. Leonord Nimoy played as Spock from the future. I always thought the Vulcans were interesting characters. The movies story was well told and entertaining every step of the way. I can’t forget Winona Ryder as Amanda Grayson Spock’s mother. Thats it I just wanted to mention her. Well OK! I don’t know why but there is some curiosity about Ryder plus  she is Sexy.This movie is definitely worth going out to see on the big screen. Live long and prosperous!


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