valkyrie2008I think Tom Cruise did a good job. If there is fault to me, I think the movie falls short to impact the gravity people found themselves. I think to achieve this the movie should have been spoken in German with subtitles. Tom Cruise is well known so its harder in my view to convince me of his character. As well as all the actors that I know as familiar faces. I imagine the fear people lived with. If you make a mistake you could be killed. I thought how could this man Hitler become so powerful. I belief when people are down as a country and ultimately in their hearts, they are in need of something to belief. We as humans become so desperate in something or someone to belief we loose sight of ourselves. Well this is what I thought about after the movie. But I feel the movie missed somewhere. Partly the story is too big to tell it all in one movie. Maybe the subject is just too serious. I don’t knock the movie too bad. I was curious where the movie would go. But I can’t stay too serious for long. So I must ask Christian Berkel who plays a fine German Officer. My question is has he been in every German War movie ever made? Was he on Hogan’s Heroes as Colonel Klink? Ok! No he wasn’t just kidding. Yes that was a long time ago 1965 but I saw reruns ok. I must note Carice van Houten she plays the wife of Mr. Cruise. I saw her in Black Book one of my favorite movies. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. Well if you like true stories or based on true events you will find it interesting. Man I didn’t tell much about the story did I? In short Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg (Mr. Cruise) and others attempt to kill Hitler because they don’t belief this is the Germany they believe in. The History Channel had an interesting documentary about the events that took place. Ok! Now I’ve said too much. It’s my goal to make my reviews short and sweet. Thank you


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