watchmen2009The world of the Watchmen is dark with humanity at its near end. The movie starts with one of the heroes the comedian getting killed. Hey! Super heroes don’t get killed. The movie tells their story by going back and forth in time. There was a time when the people loved their super heroes and it was a good time. But all things good or bad don’t last for ever. And so being a hero isn’t all that great. The heroes have very human problems. Rorschach a masked hero suspect a plot to kill heroes. He warms his associates but they all think he is just paranoid. The world is threaten by nuclear weapons. The government disband all super heroes. Now even the heroes seem to be at chaos. Oh! Yeah there is this blue guy. After an accident with electricity he becomes a super being who has limitless abilities. I felt there was a good blend of special effects and actors telling a story. Like Dark Knight this movie had that feel of this is real world story where good people die. There were some surprises in how dark the story gets. I felt some need for more background of the watchmen but the movie alone was entertaining. This was better than the Spirit. As far as super heroes on the big screen. I also like the grit drama and all it’s messy human aspect. I believe humans are complex and relations between each other well sometimes there not very pleasant and I’m not even talking about criminals. Well I think fans of the super heroes will love it and yearn for more. Others will be amused and move on. I just thought if you mix The day the earth stood still and Dark Knight you get Watchmen. Man I’m good. I luv the poster.


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