He’s Just not that into you

hjntiyThe comedy drama about dating and of course relationships. You thought I was going to say marriage. The cast is a stacked with names wow how is this possible. I liked Ginnifer Goodwin. Instead of sharing a husband in Big Love she plays GiGi Haim looking for one special guy. The movie starts out pretty funny with all the advice we give out. I think we give advice to make someone feel better but we have no clue on the matters of love. How can we know when in our own situation we don’t know until we act and thats a 50/50 shot of working out. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Connelly are married but struggle from a pressured marriage. Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck are the couple living together but not married until one day well we’ve been there. Scarlett Johansson is so cute and such a tease. How long must I endure. Lets not go down that road that we know so well. In the mix is Drew Barrymore Ah! She plays on the background but everyone knows the lady. How about Justin Long I think the guy is funny. Kris Kristofferson stopped by to play dad. Really there are so many in the cast its crazy. So many good looking people too! But it is a drama and it does get serious and maybe its too much going on it seems a little flat. This is a lot to juggle my friends. One anticipates with such names in the cast. What are you gonna do gotta finish the movie now. In the end it is what it is. So is the movie, not the worst or best but out there in all its pretty mess. Some start over, some find someone and others are hating life. I like to lean towards comedy more but thats me. I guess Id rather laugh than cry. In the end you’ll look at your sweet heart and believe there is a Santa. Because we make sure everyone has a gift. Good luck!


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