caprica_pilotBefore Battlestar Galactical there was a thriving world called Caprica. At the birth of Cylons, humans excelled in their advancements. Man I sound like a commercial. I like SciFi and I can’t help myself. During the series of Battlestar Galactical I was so excited. But I lost interest because too much story line and not enough action. I grew up watching the original series. There was the good guys and the bad guys. In the end the good guys won. Maybe I’m just old and fond of the good old days. I was really impressed with the ending of Battlestar Galactical. The humans even though they were inferior to machines and out numbered, they have courage and heart. Some how humans found a way to do the impossible. I don’t know about the series but the pilot Caprica has potential. I like the idea of artificial intelligence. There is always the argument about playing God. If your anything like me you can’t help it. This movie stars Eric Stolts and Esai Morales. Morales plays Joseph Adama and Stoltz plays Daniel Greystone something of a mad scientist. Well this DVD seem like a huge tease. But I guess that was the intention. In the world of Caprica there is a lot of religion and its many aspects, like terrorist who claim religion for killing. Hey thats no fiction just watch the news. Well I would hope for some good old fashion science fiction. I guess its only natural science fiction has usually convey a social message. The original The day the earth stood still was a classic example. They say we are years away from artificial intelligence but its a compelling aspect. The Matrix movies sure did well with the idea. I’m just waiting for the day they start selling Quantum Computers. Well its nice to dream, funny today we look at a virtual world rather than the stars, but I’m thinking its the same. Just do me a favor don’t call it a scifi soap drama. I think alittle of interest perhaps we play with the idea of our own creation. Either way I’ll have to check out the series. Eric Stoltz has had some movies hasn’t he? Do you remember Pulp Fiction. Maybe that was easy but how about Killing Zoe. That was a crazy flick! Then a little later out comes 2 days in the Valley. I love that movie. I was amazed by Charlize Theron wow! See ya at V Club maybe.


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