Last Chance Harvey

lastchanceharvey2008The story is a romantic drama. Starring Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. Dustin Hoffman plays Harvey Shine a man who has made a lot of mistakes in his life. He takes a trip to London for his daughters wedding. Only problem he doesn’t fit with his family and his job is in trouble. Emma Thompson plays Kate Walker a single woman who is unhappy but settles in her life looking after her mother who worries about her constantly. It’s important to understand where these two characters are coming from before they meet. I think Emma shines and really steals the show. I like Hoffman its been a while since I saw him in a movie. I thought I don’t really buy Hoffman being such an outcast. I guess thats how much respect I have for the actor. I liked the dialogue between Hoffman and Thompson. The story shows people in really desperate place so what else is there but to be honest. And so two people with nothing to lose find each other through their honesty. The London backdrop added to the romantic atmosphere. Yeah I could handle a romance but the truth is there is a big gap in kick ass movies, I mean mainly action guy movies. But lucky for me I sometimes venture beyond my comfort zone and mix it up a bit. Yes I enjoyed the movie and I love Emma Thompson. The script really dove into honesty and I thought it had depth. Not really mushy so I think the guys can handle it. It’s good!


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