UFC 97 preview

Anderson Silva vs Thales Leites
I saw Drew McFedries rock Leites but Drew could not finish. Drew has fallen like that before. Hey Leites is tough he also beat Nate Marquart and that speaks huge. Have I lost my mind Silva is the champ and until he loses there is nothing else to say. I mean really all Silva has done is dominate his opponents. Maybe Leites could pull off a submission anything is possible. I think Silva will be determine to be the best and have his own redemption. With a fifth win as champ he will be etching his name in history. Anderson Silva wins TKO

Chuck Liddell vs Mauricio Rua
I don’t know much about Rua. I heard he was good at Pride but seeing someone fight gives a better perspective. When Rua fought Forrest Griffin he looked terrible. The fight with Mark Coleman to me didn’t say much. Coleman is tough but can you say blast from the past. Now I think Rua has the perfect chance to be a contender if he can defeat Liddell. That is no easy task, Liddell is this wounded tiger. People think its over but be warn the tiger still has some fight in him. Who ever wins this will have sweet redemption for a longer MMA career. Chuck Liddell wins by KO

Krzytof Soszynski vs Brian Stann
Brian Stann is an intense fighter. Soszynski would do good to take Stann down. I don’t know how good Stann is on the ground but I suspect Soszyski would have an advantage. On the feet Stann is getting better adding leg kicks and relentless attack he would be a tough opponent for anybody. This one is a toss up for me. I’ll go with Brian Stann wins by decision

Cheick Kongo vs Antoni Hardonk
Antoni can be a strong brawler which I think will give Kongo trouble. Kongo fought Heath Herring, every time Herring came right at Kongo he took punishment. I don’t know if Hardonk can do the same but I think Kongo showed a weak spot. Of course he might of improved since then, he has improved his takedown defense. This will be my upset of the fight card. Antoni Hardonk wins TKO

Steve Cantwell vs Luiz Cane
I watched Cantwell fight in the WEC. He beat Brian Stann to get the belt in the WEC. He has good stand up. Against Brian Stann he had good kicks and punches good mix. Not really sure if I seen Luiz Cane fight but I see he beat Sokoudjou and Jason Lambert. Very good wins over good fighters. My feeling is this is a bigger test for Cantwell stepping up the competition. Steve Cantwell wins by decision


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