UFC Fight Night Live quick takes

April 1 2009 this is no joke. It”s time for some MMA on Spike TV.
Just in time I was having MMA withdraws. My computer didn’t blow up. Here we go!
Carlos Condit vs Martin Kampmann
Man I’m a fan of both fighters. This is the fight I’m excited to see. Kudos to Condit good music to come in. Rage against the machine! When good fighter meet its interesting a small fraction could spell defeat. I think the one with more confidence will win. I think after two rounds Condit has the edge. A very good fight they went back and forth. Kampmann wins by decision

Ryan Bader vs Carmelo Marrero
Darth Bader looks like an excellent wrestler, dominating Marrero. The force is strong with this one. Sorry I couldn’t help it! Well no fireworks, mainly wrestling with Bader in octagon control. Bader wins by decision.

Tyson Griffin vs Rafael Dos Anjos
Dos Anjos is very good on the ground with submission but he tries to trade punches and he just might get knocked out again. Tyson very tough good over all fighter wins by decision.

Junie Browning vs Cole Miller
Wow! Cole Miller takes it to Junie Browning. They both talked a lot but Miller showing submission skills. It’s just like a knock out. Nice start for UFC Fight Night Live!


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