The Midnight Meat Train

themidnightmeattrainMovie starts with a man waking up on a subway train. He gets up and slips because the floor is covered with blood. I think “bloody gore” is actually the right description for this movie. Bradley Cooper plays an aspiring photographer Leon. To become noticed he meets Susan Hoff played by Brooke Shields. Hey remember Blue Lagoon, man that was for ever ago. 1980 to be exact, I barely remember the movie but I will always remember Brooke and The Blue Lagoon. Susan Hoff pushes Leon to excel in taking pictures. Leon takes a picture of a famous model who goes missing. Soon he takes a picture of a man and starts to follow the mystery man. Leon is getting in way too deep and he has no idea. Quentin “Rampage” Jackson from the UFC plays a small role. Maybe he will be Action Jackson maybe. Leon’s girlfriend Maya played by Leslie Bibb. At first she thinks her boyfriend is going crazy but soon she is in the middle of all the fun. Vinnie Jones plays the mystery man who likes to ride the train late into the night, every night. Vinnie has an intense look about him really works here. My impressions were this is mayhem of killings its only at the end that the story has a twist and reveals its purpose. Leave it to Clive Barker to come up with such twisted ideas. I liked the angles the camera sometimes had it was a different perspective. If you like bloody gore you will love this flick. The ending revealed an interesting story that maybe could be a sequel. Over all entertaining a little disturbing when the gore didn’t seem so bad, whats that about? I liked the cast it fit the story I think. I just hope I don’t have nightmares tonight. Usually I sleep like a baby after a really twisted movie. Hoping for the best!


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