Slumdog millionaire

The Story follows two boys and a girl. From the the slums of India. The story goes back and forth from children to teen age boys. It starts off with one of the boys is being interrogate by police because they belief he is cheating. He got on a famous game show on TV “Who wants to be a millionaire”. To explain how he knows the answers he tells the story of his life. Events that happen to any of us are not easily forgotten. I like how well the story unfolds. You don’t get lost by all the back and forth in time with the movie. As little boys it was amazing to see how they would survive. They were very good hustlers. For one boy the girl he met became very important to him. The story was tragic in how bad poverty and orphans can live and the many obstacles before them. It’s no surprise I found myself cheering for them very quickly in the movie. I think we always love under dog stories but it helps when the story and directing portrays the movie with a flow. Tragic and hopeful I think is the magic of this movie. Who could explain his brothers actions. That is life some people you just can’t figure out. Yet his brothers heart believed in the girl he met long ago and believed of being together. I certainly understand the movie getting an Oscar. Before I knew it the movie was ending. Nice job! Sorry I don’t know the actors names very well and I wont pretend I ask myself why. I could copy and paste from IMDB but It didn’t seem right. The point is the movie is worth watching that’s it. Very good story telling. Did I say that all ready.


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