Linux for new laptop

This last Christmas I bought a new Laptop. For all those fans of spec’s I have a Hewlett Packard Pavilion dv5-1166. Intel core2 duo P8400 15.4 widescreen display. 320GB Hard drive, 4GB Ram, Intel WiFi, Blu-ray, nVidia Geforce 9200M GS and Windows Vista. At first I didn’t want to start messing around being that it was new but I can’t help my self. This is my first look and experience with Vista. Not really going to talk much about Vista here. Only one thing I wanted to get Linux installed. Now I’ve been hearing a lot about KDE4. When KDE4 first came out I tested it through a virtual desktop. I liked some of the look and feel but the early version of 4.0 seem unstable. I thought I would wait before I considered using it. Now KDE4.2 is coming or already out. I set out to see which Linux distribution I would use. I tried openSuse 11.1 Oh! Let me back up. Test Linux Distribution with a Live CD. I downloaded the ISO image and burned it to a CD or DVD. I load the CD to my laptop and restart I hit ESC for a menu I want the laptop to boot up from the CD. (Laptop settings may vary) This is a good way to test a distribution to see how compatible it is with my laptop. I wasn’t too crazy about it using openSUSE. After some setting changes it did work. My screen resolution was wrong and openSUSE didn’t seem to like my video card. That was very disappointing. I like my eye candy you know. I tried Kubuntu also worked but seem buggy.mandriva2009_kde41 I tested Mandriva 2009 KDE. The Live CD rocked! I thought I found my new distribution. So after making a recovery CD for windows here I go. After Installing Mandriva 2009 successfully, of course I started changing the desktop settings. Imagine that me change some settings! My grin quickly change though my screen went black. Now maybe this is basic but I have no idea what to do. I hit the power to shut down. I reboot and still a black screen. I must add now that I think more about it, I should of ran updates first before messing with settings especially video graphic settings.mandriva_elegance1 That has been my biggest obstacle on any computer. Now I could of gone to my desktop and searched for a solution but I started thinking. KDE 4 seems too new and I have a 64-bit computer which I believe is still pretty new. Maybe this was too much, I thought at least openSUSE would have a more stable distribution but if all of them have trouble then it points to my laptop as well. I also tried Fedora 10, Simply Mepis 8 and Kubuntu 8.10. This is not over just the beginning.


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