Linux for new laptop cont.

So for now I went to stable Ubuntu with gnome desktop. Like my previous experience with Ubuntu it worked like a charm. Wifi no problem. I used the webcam using VLC and Cheese very basic but it worked except for sound capture. I’m working on that problem.ubuntu_810_gnome I think one must consider what you need or want from a computer. For me my Desktop computer is my main computer. The laptop is extra and I think the new standard will be 64-Bit computers, but I understand that support and software is coming but under development. Perhaps it will always be an issue in some form of OS systems, driver support, hardware and software compatibility. I will be looking at KDE 4 in the future. I found out about my self I like new but stable. There is only so much I understand and willing to make things work. The nice thing is I don’t think it will be long before KDE 4 works better for more components. Also I want to see what Linux Mint will do with KDE 4. They have decided not to release the new KDE 4 version just yet. My guess is they will wait for Kubuntu 9.04 to come out. Either way you know they are going to put a more complete Minty version.ubuntu_blackgarden So for now trusty Ubuntu. And that’s not a bad thing. I think what ever Linux distribution you choose with a few tweaks you have a working custom computer. There are many web sites that show Screenshots of some very nice computers of all flavors. Looking forward to future computer tweaks. The screenshots here are Ubuntu 8.10 64-bit version. The theme is BlackGarden with Icons Hydroxygen. I believe the wallpaper I found at I like the terminal with its own background image. cool baby!


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