UFC 96 preview

Quinton Jackson vs. Keith Jardine
Jardine is a tough fighter who can be relentless. Of course we all know about Jardine vs Liddell. As awkward his movements he was effective against Liddell. When he hurt Forest Griffin he threw that same punch about a thousand times or so it seemed. This could be the very fact that undoes Jackson. Its a no-brainer how Griffin was affective with leg kicks against Jackson. There is no reason Jardine wont be as affective. If you give Jardine he will relentlessly throw kicks till the end of time. Its a one track mind but he does recognize whether its effective or not. Jardine is no fool. His losses to Houston Alexander and Wanderlei Silva were early catching Jardine off guard from his relentless attack style. That is the formula for Quinton Jackson. Don’t let Jardine settle in into a drag out dog fight you will lose. I believe Jackson gets better with the right support via camp. With great punching power and some sound training camp the best from Jackson is to come. Despite the success from Griffin he could not finish a hurt Jackson, I think because of his punching power! Also the side of fighting that is not really talked about much is the ability to think and adjust to the actual fight. I think Jardine seems like a one track dog, but there is a method to his relentless attack. I feel Jackson’s stand up is better and will need a win for a title shot. Motivation is another huge component that fuels the will to win. Who ever can start the fight with a little surprise to throw off his opponent will implement his game plan. But in the end I believe Jackson will pull off a decision. Hey I think Jardine is so tough much respect here.

Gabriel Gonzaga vs Shane Carwin
When I watch Gonzaga I feel the skies the limit for him. But you can’t forget Couture took it to him. The best was against Mirko Cro Cop but if you remember he took Cro Cop down and punished him. Later a hurt Cro Cop never saw that big leg kick. What works why change. Carwin looks to have good stand up maybe boxing back ground. How will he do on the ground. Gonzaga is excellent on the ground test Shane. When Conzaga fought Fabricio Werdum, I thought Gonzaga abandoned the ground game to soon and he ended losing that match. Well like I’ve said Gonzaga has the talent can he be versatile enough to continue to an eventual title shot. My feeling is it’s time for an upset. Shane Carwin wins by TKO

Pete Sell vs Matt Brown
This is probably a very even match, maybe to even. Sometimes I think they should throw common sense out the door and go by crazy match. Well its a thought. I must say Pete Sell has a win over Josh Burkman. I can’t remember if I saw that fight. Josh is a tough man, that’s a good win for sell. With Brown I thought he looked good but I need more from both fighters. I say Matt Brown wins by submission.

Matt Hamill vs Mark Munoz
Hamill I think is best at ground and pound but he wants to trade punches. Rich Franklin showed if your versatile with good strikes Hamill has a hard time. Even before that Hamill lost to Michael Bisping. I know I sound like a broken record but stick with your strength. I’m not saying you can’t improve in other areas. He has a huge experience in wrestling. Ok go ahead prove me wrong. Mark Munoz I get the feeling he has knock out on his mind. I believe this would be a big debut for Munoz. I’m going with Mark Munoz with TKO

Gray Maynard vs. Jim Miller
I know little of Maynard and less of Miller. I do remember Maynard beat Rich Clementi. I thought Clementi looked terrible but maybe Maynard is tough and really took it to Clementi. Jim Miller beat Matt Wiman who is a good fighter. Here we go again with the even match ups. Really! Can’t the UFC throw a hail marry once in a fight card. Mix it up baby! After all it’s entertainment for the masses! Just because Maynard took apart Rich Clementi I pick Maynard to win by decission.

Probably not going to be seen. Sending out a shout out to Kendall Grove who is fighting Jason day. Grove had a good showing against the late Evan Tanner and Alan Belcher. Also a shout out to Brandon Vera. I really would like to see Vera take off at 205lb. He can be very exciting fighter, he has talent. At heavy weight he beat Frank Mir. Go Vera!


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