choke_2008Choke is a different king of comedy. A movie full of sex, hustlers and dysfunctional people. Hey! It’s my kind of movie. Sam Rockwell plays Victor Mancini. Victor is a sex addict and a hustler. He goes to restaurants and swallows food to choke and be saved by some one who looks to have money. Victor needs money because his mother is in a hospital and he needs the money to pay the bill. Victor meets Paige Marshall played by Kelly Macdonald. This tale is so mixed up I don’t know how to describe it without writing a book. One thing for sure through out the movie there are laughs. I think some times the best comedy is when we laugh at our selfs. Bijou Phillips had a small role as Ursula. That was too bad she is so sexy but we get nothing. Unlike Paz de la Huerta she plays Nico a sex addict that is involved with Victor. Ok! Her part was minimal except for the sex scenes which had sex and humor mixed in. Gillian Jacobs plays a stripper named Cherry Daquiri. At first she seems the clueless dancer. Later a twist that maybe if you get to know some one there is something about them. Of course we can’t forget about Angelica Houston she plays Victors mother Ida J. Mancini. It seems she had mental disorders. Mrs. Houston portrays a mothers love. Despite illness love can be expressed it’s just a matter of noticing. Under all sex and dysfunction there is a love story that begins first with loving our selves. Taking a chance to be happy. Life is not perfect but thats what makes it interesting. I didn’t mean to get all philosophical on you but I think you get it. Choke was a funny raunchy flick.


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