UFC 95 pre-fight

UFC 95
A preview of coming fights on Spike TV. All the way from London.
I love these free fight events.
Just when I think no more pay per view for a while they pull me back in with a free show. How low can you go I can’t resist. Sorry I don’t review all the fights. But I think this has some exciting bouts.

Joe “Daddy” Stevenson vs Diego “Nightmare”Sanchez
Stevenson is a veteran at age 26. You can never count him out. Recent losses to BJ Penn and Kenny Florian makes me think this is a must win for Stevenson just to stay in the running. As for Sanchez he will debut at 155 lbs. And I think he will be a night mare! Sanchez loss to Jon Fitch which probably help Diego to decide to go down in weight. I think its a great idea! Diego has only lost twice. First to Josh Koshcheck who I think played it very safe to get a technical win. The fight with Jon Fitch he seem unable to move Fitch which seems to be a lot to do with weight. So Diego to me was very successful at 170 lbs. That’s logic telling me he will be very strong at 155 lbs. The night mare should be on form with ground and pound. Diego wins TKO

Dan Hardy vs Rory Markham
These fighters are new to me. Markham has knock out power so that is something to watch for. Both fighters have good records, looking to make a statement for a run at George St-Pierre. As the UFC grows more skilled fighters are showing up looking to become Rock Stars! Gotta luv America! Keep an eye out for Hardy to throw vicious leg kicks for a knock out. It’s suppose to be good fireworks.

Nate Marquardt vs Wilson Gouveia
From the first time I saw Gouveia fight I became a fan. Gouveia was fighting at 105 lbs. And he was knocking out or submitting fighters. At 185 lbs. He could be a great fighter. But his opponent is very good as well. Nate Marquardt had an impressive win over Martin Kampmann. Both are strong and very skilled mix martial arts fighters. To me this fight could be a headliner. I would like to see Gouveia go to his strenght which I think is his jiu-jitsu. Yeah he knocks people out but on the ground his opponents looked like toys to play with. It’s all about fighting your game not forcing to please the crowd and always going for the knock out. Come on Wilson use your brain man! His lost to Goran Reljic I don’t think he tried any take downs. Look at Randy Couture it’s possible to take a heavier man down. I’m talking about technique folks that’s the beauty of martial arts. A little man can defend himself against a bigger man. OK! That’s more than I wanted to say. A smart and focused Wilson Gouveia he is my pick. Gouveia wins by submission

Demian Maia vs Chael Sonnen
Demian Maia has been making a name for himself with BJJ wins. Sonnen is tough and might be touch enough to avoid going to the ground keeping the fight on their feet. As soon as the fight goes to the ground the chance of losing by submission becomes huge! If Sonnen wins he will propel to top contender I think. But really so far Demian has been too superior on the ground. One thing about jiu-jitsu fighters or any style of fighter, when you get punched it wears you down. Fighters who can defend the take downs and punch their opponent usually changes the will of the fighter. Sounds good but I think Maia will get the win by submission

Josh Koshcheck vs Paulo Thiago
I’m not sure if I ever saw Thiago his name rings a bell but maybe I’m mixing fighters names. Koscheck I have seen and he is very good. He lost to Thiago Alves but he was a last minute substitute. Koscheck has fast hands and good leg kicks. Alves might of exposed Koscheck some. Well hard to say much about this bout because not sure of Paulo. Oh! Yeah! He is 10-0 so that should motivate Koscheck to get a knock out from an undefeated fighter. For the sake of completions lets say Koscheck wins by decision.


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