Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

underworld3Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. This is the one before Kate Bekingsale. As we are told in the previous movies. Viktor played by Bill Nighy. Viktor kills his own daughter for falling in love with Lucian. Michael Sheen plays Lucian the first of all Lycans. This is where I have a problem with this flick. The previous movies told us the story and now there was nothing to reveal in this one. The two love birds were seen once together. No character building here. Maybe that’s the problem with to many sequels. The daughter is played by Rhona Mitra. I really loved Mitra in Doomsday she was a sexy bad ass. I think she gives Mel Gibson’s Road Warrior a hell of a run. The movie was not the worst but It did leave me feeling some what empty. The first Underworld had a mystery with action plus Beckingsale was perfect vampire real easy on the eyes. Rhona Mitra is very nice she seems better for action but it wasn’t enough to carry the whole movie. That’s a lot for any actor. I think the story needed some little detail that helps build the story even if every one knows the story already. Look at Disney it’s the little details about each character that connects us to the story. Even the action could of used some cool effects or more interesting fighting scenes. The occasional slow motion through out the fighting might of spiced it up. It’s hard there are a lot of Vampire fans out there and the expectations are high. Any Vampire fan will see it no matter what me included. For those looking for a night out on a date well its 50/50 I think.


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