Body of Lies

bodyoflies_2008Body of Lies is yet another Middle East drama. I guess it’s just like anything. Hollywood will milk till it’s completely dry. Lucky for me I like Leonardo Dicaprio and who doesn’t. Decaprio plays CIA Roger Ferris. His the agent in the middle of everything. He takes orders from Ed Hoffman played by Russell Crowe. A man who seems to have his own agenda, not sure for who’s benefit. It’s funny how Hoffman seems to nonchalantly handle business from a cell phone while driving his kids to school. It seems that’s the image the world may have of Americans. Russell Crowe’s character is over indulgent and careless after all it’s all done on his cell phone. For Roger Ferris is the opposite, he sees men he works with being killed. He sees men being tortured. His world is chaos and even the people he works for seem to work against him. Ferris tries to work along side the Jordanian Intelligence headed by Hani Salaam played by Mark Strong. When I first saw Mark Strong I thought it was Andy Garcia. What ever happen to Garcia? The movie was full of political statements. They even threw in “Welcome to Guantanamo” when Roger Ferris was going to be killed. At the end Hoffman says “nobody likes Jordan” which Ferris replies “maybe that’s the problem” Hoffman sees the middle east as something like hell, so why would any body want to live there. But Ferris being there with the people has another view especially after meeting nurse Aisha played by Golshifteh Farahani. Ferris meets Aisha after being bitten by a dog and he needed a shot. I like the movie it was entertaining. I thought the political might be more subtle or to say less. To me it came out they were trying too hard. It’s best just tell the story. I didn’t think I would like it. I had my doubts. Over all I was surprised to have enjoyed watching this movie. I guess you never know until you see it for your self.


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