The Reader

thereader_2008The Reader with Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes. The beginning seems like a coming of age tale about a boy having his first sexual encounter with an older woman. Winslet who plays Hanna Schmitz has David Kross who plays the young Michael Berg. He reads to Hanna as their routinely sexual relations. Seems insignificant but for young Michael Berg it affected his entire life. After the summer ending Hanna was told she got a promotion. She packs her belongings and is gone. Michael is heart broken and returns home, going on with life as best he can. Attending a Law seminar the class attends an actual court case. It’s a shock to hear Hanna’s name being called out. Here I wonder the choices Hanna makes resulted her being in court and her decision sentences her to prison for life. To me she left her job which she had a promotion, instead she joined the Nazi’s to get away from Michael. At court rather than telling every one of her illiteracy she took all the blame and the court with all the people they would not be happy until they had some one to blame and pay for their pain. With all the suffering caused by the Nazi’s every one seem to quick to pass sentence. This is what spoke to me about this movie. One we are all human and will make mistakes. Such we will make mistakes in our life’s and with law and justice. We have hearts that fuel passion positive as well as negative. In the movie years latter an older Michael Berg played by Falph Fiennes. Recollects his past he could of spoken to at least Hanna’s lawyer that she could not read. He chose silence and that enslaved him with quilt. Finally after years Michael took action for the truth and for his own salvation. It was very interesting movie. One to question ourselves. Also a reminder to dare to be honest with ourselves.


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