splinter_2008movieSplinter is a must see for any fan of horror flicks! Paulo Costanzo plays Seth Belzer with his lady Polly Watt played by Jill Wagner. I found out she is the lady in all those Mercury car commercials. She was in Blade the TV series. I did catch an episode of Blade the series. Paulo Costanzo played in Road Trip and 40 Days and 40 Nights. That’s all I remember but I remember he was very funny. This movie was no joking around. This was good old fashion scary don’t watch alone with the lights off movie. The whole thing is so simple and so great. A convict Dennis Farell played by Shea Whigham is on the run with his girl Lacey Belisle played by Rachel Kerbs. Their truck dies so they go on foot until Seth and Polly stop. They are forced to drive the couple on the run. That car over heats they end up at a gas station in the middle of no where. That’s it let the horror begin! No I’m not kidding the horror is on. The convicts girl gets it first. The other three are trapped inside the gas station store. I love how the movie progresses with all three characters and the “monster”. Under terrible situations you never know how a person is going to act. I find that very interesting. So simple and so entertaining. Why can’t all movies be like that. Not sure if the monster is an Alien or some experiment gone really wrong. I mean change the human race wrong. To me the simple approach of some menace lets your mind run with horror scenarios. Yes I’ll say it again a must see horror flick.


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