UFC 94 preview

UFC 94 Preview
Georges St-Pierre vs BJ Penn
A fighter who has fought the best and come out a winner that fighter will be remembered as one of the best. To me St-Pierre is on track to be the best. St-Pierre lost two times Matt Hughes and Matt Serra. St-Pierre avenged both losses decidedly. Most recently St-Pierre beat Jon Fitch which in my opinion his toughest opponent. For BJ Penn nothing is impossible with his talent. But as we have seen at the top level talent alone is not enough. The smallest fraction can be the difference. Penn has lost to Matt Hughes and Georges St-Pierre at 170 lbs. At 155 lbs. He has been excellent. I believe if St-Pierre can take Penn down or just clinch constantly he can wear down Penn. To stand gives Penn a better chance with his excellent jab to set up knees and punches. Giving BJ Penn all the credit do I think its a 50-50 fight. I say St-Pierre can keep pressure and wear out Penn he will win. St-Pierre wins by decision.

Lyoto Machida vs Thiago Silva
I really like Silva he is the kind of fighter that is exciting to watch. Unlike Machida who is a good fighter but really he fights with more defense. We wins more by decision but he did have a good win against Tito Ortiz. I don’t know if Silva can get the fight to the ground? If Machida fights from the outside coming in when he wants he can win by decision. Both are 13-0 so both know how to win. If Silva has learned to cut the ring and clinch things can open up for Silva. Perhaps more from my heart I say Thiago Silva wins by TKO

Stephan Bonnar vs Jon Jones
Good to see Bonnar back in a line up. I really like when he shows his Jiu-Jitsu instead of standing in there trading shots. You have to fight smart and for Bonnar to me its on the ground. Jab and kick to get the guy down where Bonnar usually is better than his opponent. I don’t know Jon Jones but like I said Bonnar has a better chance on the ground. Just throwing it out there Stephan Bonnar wins by Submission.

Karo Parisyan vs Dong Hyun Kim
When I started learning the names of fighters in the UFC Karo Parisyan stood out as one of the most talented and tough fighters out there. The last I heard of Parisyan was he had trouble with anxiety and questions whether he could continue to fight. I sure hope thats behind him because he was exciting fighter and still very young. The same as BJ Penn questions about how focus he is and how well he has trained for a fight will also be on my mind. 26 yrs. Old with a record of 26-5-0 thats a lot of experience. Dong Hyun Kim beat Matt Brown showing good skills and is 10-0-1 not too shabby of a record. Still I pick the veteran to start his come back with a win here by TKO

Nate Diaz vs. Clay Guida
Nate Diaz has been winning and asking for tougher opponents well I think he just got his wish. From memory Diaz looked excellent against Josh Neer who is a tough fighter to beat. Clay Guida the man keeps coming at you even when you land some nice strikes. Unless Diaz really hurts Guida I don’t think Diaz can submit Guida. With a never stop attitude and some good strikes in the clinch I predict an upset to the popular TUF fighter. Clay Guida wins by decision

Jon Fitch vs Akihiro Gono
Man I can’t believe this fight may not be aired. He lost the title shot against St.-Pierre but come on Fitch is top of the food chain. I don’t recall seeing Akihiro Gono fight, his nickname “The Japanese Sensation” will be tested. I think Fitch will only get better much like St.-Pierre had done. With some luck and some quick fights they will show this fight. Really Jon Fitch deserves better than maybe! One observation about Gono he has a lot of experience with 28-13-7. I really want to see this one. Whats wrong with the UFC! OK! This is getting ugly now. I pick Purdue Fitch to win TKO


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