Let The Right One In

lettherightonein_movie_2008Let the right One In is not your usual vampire tale. Starring Kare Hedebrant as Oskar an outsider who gets bullied in school. He meets a new neighbor Eli (Lina Leandersson). Now I know this is a vampire movie but usually it starts pretty normal but not this movie. A man who seems to be Eli’s father goes out and kills a young man. He starts to drain his blood but is interrupted by two girls walking a dog. You see Oskar in school no friends being harassed by the school bully. Oskar and Eli start to get to know each other. The older man who I thought is her father turns out to be more. He sets out again to get blood but he fails and disfigures his face with acid. He is arrested and taken to the hospital. Eli visits him climbing the side of the hospital. As a final act of devotion he lets Eli drain his blood. Oskar becomes aware that Eli is a vampire and their friendship develops. The story of two twelve year olds work well. Young innocence and open mindedness seems more viable for the two developing a partnership. The snowy town and the music added to this chilly bloody tale. Yes there is blood, fire and a little insanity. All you would expect from a vampire flick. I thought the killing was bloody but some how normal you know what I mean? This is a foreign film with subtitles. To me some of the best movies are foreign you have to get past the subtitles! I have always thought most good flicks are love stories. Now true some are not the usual girlie flicks but a love story nevertheless. And this film is a love story vampire style. Two people meet each with a need or something missing. The Right One provides each others need and blossoms to much more. Well at least thats my take on it. A must see for fans of vampire lore. Oh! Good Pop Corn!


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