Vicky Cristina Barcelona

vickycristinabarcelona-posterI first heard Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson doing a movie and kissing each other. A must see right. But what to expect from a Woody Allen movie. I have not been a huge fan. I did like Scoop which to me it was a light love comedy. I thought Woody Allen was funny as the magician. Scarlett Johansson was so cute, how could you not like her. If Vicky Cristina Barcelona was funny I really missed it. The ending was terrible! Like the Coen brothers and their mix of comedy and drama it doesn’t work for me. The scenery was very beautiful but I need more. It didn’t make me laugh and its PG-13 feel failed to deliver any real pop! I kept waiting for the talented cast to really captivate. The narrator reminded me of those animal shows. Watching the lion in its natural habitat. Actually thinking of it that way it is funny. Here we have the womanizer who cant bear to be alone. Over here is a woman that can’t be satisfied but does she ever stay long enough to really grasp what she has and on and on! Has South Park and Bart Simpson taken over we cant expand as adults with style and grace? Perhaps when I get to Mr. Button faith will be restored. Remember movie magic? The first Saw my eyes were so big watching every second. Well not all movies crab your attention but it is possible. I think this movie had the right recipe but maybe it tried being too much for everybody. Screw everybody make a statement dive into the details and weep from this crazy thing called love.


2 thoughts on “Vicky Cristina Barcelona

  1. Perhaps there is something wrong with your brain. Vicky Cristina Barcelona has been a big critical and commercial hit all around the world, so it has in fact pleased many, many people. And if you paid attention you would have found it contained more of a message than any other movie that came out last year.

    Then again, you actually compared it to Saw so there is definitely something wrong with your brain.

    1. Thanks for your comments. Yes something is wrong with my brain. But I must add just because alot of people like something I’m not going to follow. My reference to the first movie Saw was only an example how a movie grabs your attention. Maybe if I said Elegy would be more align with this review but like I agree with you something is wrong with my brain. You mentioned this movie having a message but you didn’t elaborate, which I would be more curious about your personal thoughts why you like it. At best not eveybody likes the same thing. Hey! that was fun 😉

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