Righteous Kill – Movie review

righteous_kill-posterRighteous Kill starring Robert De niro and Al Pacino. Man its about time De niro had a serious drama and who better to do it with than Pacino. Very nice supporting cast John Leguizamo this guy does comedy, sci-fi to serious drama. Also Donnie Wahlberg his not bad. It gets better I’m talking about the very sexy Carla Gugino. Once upon a time there was Jaded, Snake Eyes, Judas Kiss, The One and Sin City just to name a few. To me Carla Gugino is one of the most beautiful women in movies. Ok! Back to the movie. Two cops looking for a killer. The movie leads you one way then throws you a twist in the end. Very nice you had me at the first shot. A lot of tension between cops and the mental state of police men are the driving force to and inevitable explosive end. Did I mention Carla Gugino is sexy. But who is the killer I would hate to spoil it for you. Oh!man I almost forgot 50 Cent was in da house. Hey I think Mr. Curtis Jackson was pretty good. He should really get into movies. Any one remember Marky Mark yeah! Enough said. The movie had a good pace, the story developed without dragging on any one subject. I have been a fan both of De niro and Pacino. It was actors like them that I came to love dramas more than other types of movies. This movie had a feel of the old days with De niro & Pacino leading the way. One last Hoo! Rah! For old school and its still good baby. Remember Carlistos Way with Al Pacino and Sean Penn. Don’t forget John Leguizamo as Benny Blanco. Yeah! The good old days of Men and their word was all they had. Well if that doesn’t give you enough info to decide to watch, well I just can’t help you. Time well spent


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