The Day The Earth Stood Still

thedaytheearthstoodstill_2008_poster_01_smallThe Day the Earth Stood Still with Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly. Klaatu is back same story change your evil ways or perish. That was so 1951. I like Gort too bad there wasn’t more action from Gort in the beginning, it would have been cool. To me it made sense to change it from the original. The spheres are a nice touch. I mean the flying saucers were fine but hey its 2008. Is this a simple tale for children, behave or the boogie man will get you. Or deep down we ask how long can we go on and at what price. Human imagination can entertain us as well as reflect our inner struggle. I believe we are a destructive race just look at the news today in particular Israel. Will we ever learn as a race that war there is no winner. I can’t say I’m without anger or even hate. Besides being entertaining movie for me I think the thought is to think about are humanity. To change and adapt means to survive. Feel I’m getting to serious. I thought this would be a fun sci-fi and not a new years resolution. I liked it, I had big expectations you know just couldn’t help it. Well any sci-fi nut probably already seen the movie and has little interest about what a critic or Blog has to say. The trailers were great. Considering it was remake pretty hard to surprise still It was a must see!


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