2008 Best of Movies

Yet another best of and why not? Something just lures me to look back and say this was great! Unlike others that I see like askmen.com with there 99 sexy women. Why not throw all the movies in and arrange them with the most money made. No No I think its bolder to stumble and make it a shorter list, try it and notice the shorter the list the harder the task. I must add sadly I did not see any Christmas movies to consider to the list. Movies like the wrestler which I hear is excellent. So my list is limited to the movies I’ve seen so far. For what its worth this is my first time with a list.  I thought I would do the best 10 movies so I wouldn’t leave any one out. Didn’t I preciously describe against that so I went for a more controversial best five movies.

1. Iron Man – This was roller coaster fun for all.

2. Mongol – This movie moved me very powerful!

3. Dark Night – I Luv tech toys! Heath Ledger outstanding performance!

4. The Counterfeiters – Another powerful story. Had my attention the whole time.

5. Elegy – A Beautiful melancholy love story

So you disagree! Well that’s the fun! Luv it or hate all worth watching.

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