Elegy – Movie review

elegy_movie2008Elegy suggest to me a lost love story. Ben Kingsley plays David Kepesh a college teacher who has an affair with a student Consuela Castillo played by the beautiful Penelope Cruz. His friend George played by Dennis Hopper often talk about their lives. They both don’t belief in marriage and advice each other, Kind of funny to me. The story goes Kingsley charms the young lady with all his experience and wisdom. But it can’t last David Kepesh can’t commit to any woman. Kepesh is seeing a woman who I’m not sure if they were just sleeping together. Carolyn played by Patricia Clarkson who I thought was very classy. His friend George has a wife played by Deborah Harry what a surprise, nice surprise. Peter Sarsgaard play the son of David Kepesh who is a troubled man who blames his father for his lack of involvement. Mix it all up and you get Elegy. I enjoyed the topics of getting older, coming to terms with ones life. The truth is that it’s everything from lost love to every lasting soul mates. Also the power of forgiveness is a lesson that can’t never be learned enough. I love the dialogue between Kepesh and George about beautiful woman are invisible. They are so beautiful you don’t see the person. To me the story ends bitter sweet. It seems just the right touch. I think this movie was artistic or poetic. Sometimes I roll my eyes and think another chick flick. I think Elegy speaks to men and women.


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