UFC 92 – Fight predictions

The Ultimate 2008 has six fighters I’m anticipating to be exciting. Each fight could easily be head liners of their own pay per view. Hence the ultimate 2008! I don’t feel any one fight easy to predict. Since I’ve been watching MMA its been proven anything can happen. Especially with the light gloves the UFC uses. All six fighters are experienced proven tough under adversity. But there can only be one!

Forest Griffin vs Rashad Evans

Two tough fighters who know how to win. Ever since Forest Griffin lost to Keith Jardine, Griffin has been more technical instead of a slug fest. If he can land some leg kicks everything else could open for him. A snapping jab never hurt. I believe Rashad Evans is better on the ground. With improved striking this can help Evans for take downs. I don’t think any winner of this bout would be an upset. Both have fought their way to this point to really be called the 205 lb. Champ. Griffin can outlast most fighters and pull out a fight maybe his loosing or a close fight. Evans fought and won at heavy weight that is tough. Never quitting and skill got him threw the tough rounds. Since Evans came down to 205 lb. He has looked like a top fighter. My guess is if Rashad Evans can take down Forest Griffin he can control the ground game and win. Maybe a submission but I think Griffin is too tough unless he gets hurt.
I predict Rashad Evans wins by decision.

Rodrigo Nogueira vs Frank Mir

Everybody expects this to be a submission of masters. Well at least I do. But a lot of time masters of submissions can cancel each other. It might be decided by the next thing a fighter can do. I could see Nogueira win with good old ground and pound. Nogueira in my opion should of lost to Heath Herring. I think Herring gave Nogueira too much respect. He was hurt bad from a head kick. I don’t think Frank Mir has good enough stand up. It’s possible we yet to see the best from Frank Mir. If Mir can start aggressive and TKO I would not be surprised. I think Nogueira is the favorite and I’m going to have to lean that way also. I predict Nogueira wins TKO

Wanderlei Silva vs Quinton Jackson

A couple of Pride veterans meeting again. Light gloves heavy hands, could this be fight of the night? Wanderlei to me was perfect for Chuck Liddell. Just stood in front of Liddell. Wanderlei looked good against Keith Jardine but that was a short fight. If he stands in front of Quinton Jackson he will get picked apart. Jackson has good stand up. I haven’t seen the fights before. I believe Jackson says he was not that good a fighter and didn’t have good training. I like Forest Griffin but I think Jackson should of beat Griffin. But hey I give Griffin all the credit he won. My point is Quinton Jackson is a lot better than he performed that night. Any one with heavy hands has a good chance to win any night. You know both fighter will be throwing the leather. With good movements I see Jackson getting the decision. What I don’t know is can Silva counter well. Would Silva change levels and go for take downs. Will Jackson want a knock out so bad he abandons his game plan. If he stands toe to toe I think Silva has a chance to land a knock out of his own. I predict Jackson wins decision


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