Appaloosa – Movie review

appaloosa-posterAppaloosa is a western drama about two marshals. Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen as the tough law men arrive at the town of Appaloosa. I like a western that starts out with some shoot outs. This gets your attention and you know your watching serious men that say what they mean. Lets not forget Renee Zellweger who likes to be with the top dog of the place. A woman looking to survive any way she can and usually that means with the man in charge or toughest. Ed Harris as Virgil Cole falls for Allison French (Zellweger) at one point Virgil Cole states “feelings will get you killed” funny because he had feeling for Allison French. The villain a rancher who made his own rules played by Jeremy Irons. Its been a while since I’ve seen Irons in a movie nice to see him. I thought he played well the outlaw ranger turn savvy business man. He all ways seems to be a smart person. Similar movies like Open Range and a little like Tomb Stone. Hard men living by the gun. You would think Id be tired of it but I love these tough characters. Something about my male ego loves the western tough men. Ever since Clint Eastwood as a kid I watched westerns and still enjoy all the grit and dust. In this movie unlike others men fighting with guns would walk up to each other pull out there guns ready to shoot. Nothing like other movies where part of the fight is who can draw their gun fastest. This one you walk up to the man gun in hand stare at each other for a minute start shooting. There was also similar to other movies the friendship between Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen. Open Range had funnier moments. The relationship between Ed Harris and Renee Zellweger was different but believable. Yes I enjoyed this movie.


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