Burn after reading

burnafterreadingI thought this movie would be funnier. I was surprised at the sudden violence. My bad I forgot this is a Cohen brothers flick. Seems to me like a pretty big swing from last years No country for old men. Which I happen to love, I must of seen No country for old men about fifty times. Burn after reading is packed with big name actors. Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand, George Clooney and John Malkovich just for starters. To me the movie developed a sad story of people which seem stumbling along with the government covering it up. This might be the message or not. I was expecting a comedy and I didn’t find it very humorous more on the sad fact, the lives people experience without meaning. Now funny and another Coen flick I love is The Big Lebowski. Now that was a funny movie. Well Burn after reading is not without funny moments. George Clooney had the funnier scenes. It’s easy to think of the government agencies comic blunders. Maybe I just don’t get this style of funny crossing genres. Tilda Swinton is not funny at all, in fact she scares me. Brad Pitt a mindless jock is this funny? I’m so not laughing I think I’ll watch Wall-E just to even the scales. Coming from me this is pretty bad. Usually I write about movies I like but its a short list so here I write. In the end worth a dollar rental that’s the beauty about renting having a treat or pause ah! Past the popcorn please.


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