Traitor movie review

mv5bmtg3mzi3ndy5nl5bml5banbnxkftztcwmzi0ndy3mq_v1_sx94_sy140_The world of terrorist gives me mixed feelings about this movie. I think this is the world today and these are the subjects of our time. Don Cheadle leads this drama. The movie plays on you guessing if Cheadle is a double agent or another extremist. The movie starts with a young boy Samir Horn (Cheadle) sees his father get in a car only to explode. Most of the movie develops as Samir gets in with his terrorist friends. Nothing here is new that we haven’t seen before. Two FBI agents on the trail thinking Samir has turned extremist. I’m always surprise to think some one can sacrifice himself  and blow themselves up. What happen to the basic instinct to survive. I remember my youth and the appeal of punk rock. The saying was all ways question authority. The thought behind that is people are not perfect. People loose their way and it should always be on check. To be honest with you id rather watch Zombie Strippers again. As far as drama movies go it had my interest. The movie moved along without staying in place too long. It’s a good thing because I get sleepy real fast. One suggestion would be throw in a car chase and question some seedy character at a dive strip bar with unbelievably beautiful dancers. I mean this is America and we like our entertainment. Was that two suggestions? It’s so great to be able to do this review without, wait some one is at the door!…..   Oh! Id like to mention the very interesting actress Archie Panjabi. Her part was small but I noticed you. You might remember her as Gemma in A Good Year with Russell Crowe. Yeah! ok


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