WEC Miguel Angel Torres vs. Manny Tapia

Brian Bowles vs. Will Ribeiro
First round Bowles looked good well rounded fighter. Bowles looked better on the ground.
Strikes about even.
2nd round Ribeiro showed more effort with his stand up. Bowles got the take down but very little action. Bowles again shows his better on the ground. 3rd round Its amazing Ribeiro goes for a take down only to be submitted by Bowles. Maybe that’s where a corner needs to help you by telling you keep the fight standing. Or when you fight you must make adjustments. Bowles would be a good contender to fight Miguel Torres.
Bowles wins by submission

Wagnney Fabiano vs. Akitoshi Tamura
1st round starts on the ground not a lot of action. Both fighters evenly matched.
2nd round about the same. Fabiano is controlling the fight. The referee stands the fighters but the round ends. 3rd more of the same with Fabiano on top. One thing a notice some new fighter too cage fighting don’t take advantage that you can punch. I have seen punches open for submissions. Tamura got a cut taking elbows.
Tamura worn down did not defend from a side choke. Fabiano was trying the same choke the whole fight. Like a big Knock Out from nowhere, a submission just as devastating.
Fabiano wins by submission
Thanks WEC nice evening of tough fighters. The light weight fighters are so fierce. LUV IT!!

Miguel Angel Torres vs. Manny Tapia
To me Tapia is more a brawler and Torres is the well rounded fighter.
Tonight so far has showed the well rounded fighter has the better chance.
1st round Torres controlled the fight with his jab.
If Tapia can’t get in and land some strikes its bad news. The round ends with Tapia pushing the pace.
But Torres moves well avoiding punches.
2nd round the jab has opened for a straight right punch and it was only a matter of time.
Torres has a longer reach and Tapia played into Torres strength. You have to luv Torres intensity.
Torres wins by TKO


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