Nights prey

Searching the nights prey
chill in the air a hunters disguise
hurried souls a warm heart awaits
too busy unnoticed piercing eyes

strong bold fierce witty,
cheerful hopeful kind optimist,
fragile wise joy enlightenment,
lonely despair angered inviting

the menus abound
glimmer wicked eyes
essence permeates
warm blooded beauties

unyielding thirst
instinct paramount
flickering light adoration
not so immortal

elate shell
fading ecstasy
existence interval
purpose fulfill

© Boogiestu 2008


2 thoughts on “Nights prey

  1. I like the “stream-of-consciousness” feel to this poem. It leaves lots of room for interpretation. Especially the last stanza. It means so many different things to me. Each of them powerful.

  2. Thanks socratesoul, it’s interesting how simply the end finished. I had my doubts and thought to add more description at the end. More often I tell myself go with my first thoughts.

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