UFC 91 Preview

Dustin Hazelett vs Tamdan McCrory
I saw Hazelett fight Josh Koscheck, he looked very good until that leg kick from Koscheck. I read Hazelett beat Josh Burkman so there is something about this fighter worth taking note. I don’t know McCrory but UFC is bringing a lot of new talent, there’s potential for new stars to discover. McCrory with a record of 11-1-0 brings a good record. Hazelett wins by decision.

Nate Quarry Vs. Demian Maia
I really like Quarry I don’t know why, I’ve only seen him fight twice. Looking at his record his only loss in the UFC is to Rich Franklin. I believe Quarry can win the stand up game. It’s no secret Demian Maia has the advantage on the ground. I think sometimes a persons ego will play against them. For example Matt Hughes tried the stand up game against St. Pierre 2nd fight and got beat up. George St. Pierre lost to Matt Serra first fight. Second fight St. Pierre took the fight to the ground and won. He could of been proud and traded punches with Serra but that gives Serra the advantage because he has knock out power. The fighter will usually win if he can adjust to his opponent. Still I believe Demian Maia has the advantage unless he can’t take Quarry down and tries to trade strikes. Maia wins by submission

Gabriel Gonzaga Vs. Josh Hendricks
Gonzaga came out looking like the next champ. Ever since his loss to Randy Couture he has looked mediocre. I don’t know Hendricks but with 18 wins I think it’s do or die for Gonzaga. I’m thinking it’s time he shows his talent. Gonzaga wins by knock out

Kenny Florian Vs. Joe Stevenson
I like Florian I think he’s a great striker but something is missing. His only losses are to Diego Sanchez and Sean Sherk too top fighters. His fight against Roger Huerta, he won by decision but I think this is where something is missing. Huerta is tough for sure but I think Florian could have won by TKO. During a fight there are windows a fighter can end a fight but I believe it takes believing in your self. This is the true fight every person faces within himself. I would say the hardest fight ever. I think both fighters are top contenders. My heart goes for Florian even though Stevenson is like-able fighter. Florian wins by decision

Randy Couture Vs. Brock Lesnar
Man I really can’t help thinking Lesnar has only two fights (1-1-0) and has not earned a title shot. He’s a celebrity. I give him his props for winning the fight against Heath Herring. I’m getting personal I just want to see him go down. I love the mixed martial arts and it seems a joke to the integrity of the sport. I don’t like using words like “integrity” but too late. Maybe I don’t get it or I’m full of it. I would be so happy to see another submission like Frank Mir did against Lesnar. I know he is athletic and a huge man hard for any one to deal with. This is a classic for martial arts because martial arts teaches that you can defend your self against a bigger man and even use his strengh against him. One thing for sure is Randy Couture believes in his heart he can win against any fighter and then he does it. We haven’t seen how Lesnar will respond getting hit or facing some one who isn’t afraid. It test you from inside, you have to experience it, only then you know how you will respond to pressure. Randy Couture wins by decision


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