If you happen to stumble upon my blog I would like to point you in the direction of pages. There I have published new pages titled A Linux journey part 1, 2 & 3. My goodness how many are there? I really enjoy turning some one onto Linux. Simply because I love it and its free. Some RSS feeds I have you’ll see I favor Ubuntu. Mainly because it has been the easiest for me. As I learn more about Linux distributions I appreciate the efforts by others in particular I’m impressed with SUSE 11.0 & Linux Mint. You know I almost forgot there will be three parts only to my Linux journey. All others will be regular post. At the very least I hope you get a kick out of it! But my dream would be that you give Linux a try. Could one dream so much. Yes we can! Sorry I know that was the cheesiest of cheese. My friend Kyle would be proud. I just couldn’t help myself 😉


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