Ghost Story

Well there are many ghost stories out there but this is my personal experience. What happen remains how you perceive it or belief. Some time in the early nineties I was renting a room from a lady. I remember she mention it was an old house. She hired a constractor and fixed it up pretty nice. After living there for a little while, my room mate asked me if I had felt the spirit. Oh! of course I said what are you talking about. She says haven’t you felt the spirit? I said no! She says don’t worry its friendly. She says this is an old house who knows who lived here before. Hey! I thought my room mate is crazy or has a wild imagination. I didn’t think much more about it. Some time passed I was watching TV one night all the lights were off and I was sitting on the couch. I felt something move behind me. It felt like I cat had just jumped onto the couch. I look behind me expecting to see a cat or some kind of small creature but there was nothing there. I felt a little strange, because I thought what if my room mate was right about some kind of spirit. My brain says “are you serious” but the feeling was strange because I was certain there was some thing behind me. I forgot about sortly and some time passed. The strangest was still to come. I was sleeping one night and something woke me. I opened my eyes and the room was strangely different. Instead of the window there seem to be a doorway instead. Half a sleep before I could think I see a woman going across the room. I was about to jump out of my skin when the woman turned to me and said in a whisper “It’s all right just passing through”. I’m thinking this must be a dream! I wanted to believe it was a dream, so I closed my eyes and went to sleep. I’ve told this story at camp fires and just to friends talking about experiences over the years. I can’t say definitely it was just a dream. It was the strangest dream if it was and the only like it in my life since. I think its better to keep an open mind I would hate to upset a friendly spirit.


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