Post UFC 90

I was surprised how much caution Anderson Silva was taking against Patrick Cote. Silva landed some good jabs and kicks. Silva landed a nice knee but Cote did a nice job of avoiding getting hit in combinations. I don’t think he hurt Silva he did land some punches and low kicks. Both were being very cautious. All the movement from Silva made Cote hesitate applying any real offence. Most likely there will be a rematch. The fight of the night to me had to be Thiago Alves vs Josh Koscheck. Koscheck took the fight with only two week notice. I don’t know how much this was a factor but It was all Thiago Alves. Lightning fast kicks and punches. I believe when Alves landed a left hook, Koscheck survived a TKO but that set the pace. Alves was definitely stronger. The great wrestler Koscheck could not take the fight to the ground. A few times a thought the fight was over. To Koscheck’s credit he managed to survive but at the end he looked beat up. It did show how tough Koscheck is. Alves showed his talent and strength. George St-Pierre was on hand watching for a potential match with Thiago Alves. I’m still not impressed with Sean Sherk or Tyson Griffin. I don’t know why they are both top fighter but I don’t get excited with both. The surprise was Junior Dos Santos knocking out Fabricio Werdum. My thought is Werdum gain too much weight in a short time, making him too slow. Dos Santos was looking trim and fast. Does any one remember Rashad Evans? Drew Mcfedries showed his lack of Jiu-Jutsu. I remember his fight with Martin Kampmann who was getting beat up took Mcfedries down and submitted him. Well over all I didn’t feel like it was a great night of MMA. Mainly because of the results of Silva vs Cote. I would of liked to have seen both Spencer Fisher and Hermes Franca fight.


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