UFC 90 Preview

Anderson Silva vs Patrick Cote

I have seen all of Silva’s fights in the UFC. When any fighter has manage to land some kind of a punch Silva has replied by knocking them out or submitting. Early this week on a post from the UFC web site. They toy with you about perhaps there was an upset in the air. Cote has knock out power. When Cote fought Drew Mcfedries he got punched and rocked but he survived and return the favor to Mcfedries by TKO! Unlike Mcfedries if or when Silva hurts Patrick Cote you know Silva will finish the job. Nothing bad about Mcfedries but he swung wild and he let an opportunity slip by. Silva is too accurate a puncher for that. Patrick Cote might go in like he did against Kendall Grove. He pressured Grove and landed a punch to finish the fight. When you pressure Silva its likely he will get the Muay Thai clinch and his lightning fast knees. Just writing now it seems too many weapons for Silva. I think we are watching the very best. Anderson Silva wins by TKO

Josh Koscheck vs Thiago “Pit Bull” Alves

Now this is a fight I want to see. Since the show TUF Josh Koscheck looks greatly improved in all areas. Thiago Alves has wins both TKO’S over Karo Parisyan and Matt Hughes, that’s impressive to me. Both have speed and good ground game. Sometimes fighters too even can make a fight too technical. And well boring and finish by split decision. All it takes is one mistake but Koscheck moves well he won’t put himself in harms way. Best bet is to take Alves down and punish him there. I don’t know how good his jiu-jitsu is. I think standing and exchanging strikes with the “Pit Bull” is bad news. Its hard and both are excellent fighters but some one has to loose. Thiago Alves by decision.

Rich Clementi vs Gray Maynard

Tough fighters with steady wins. Gray Maynard a wrestler can win by decision if Clementi does not submit him early in the fight. That would be the strong edge for Rich Clementi is to get the wrestler to feel comfortable on the mat and set him up. The two are good standing I think it would end up in a decision. I’m really throwing it out there I say Rich Clementi by submission second round.

Fabricio Werdum vs Junior Dos Santos

I don’t know Dos Santos but Fabricio Werdum has recent victories over Brandon Vera and Gabriel Gonzaga which are very good fighters. I haven’t seen Werdum’s jiu-jutsu but its suppose to be excellent. Maybe he’ll showcase some brazilian Jiu-Jutsu Saturday night. Well its hard to pick against a fighter I don’t know. For the sake of completions lets say Fabricio Werdum by submission.

Sean Sherk vs Tyson Griffin

This might be a surprise but these two fighters do nothing for me. Both have strong cardio but have not excited me when their fighting. Although Griffin has been getting better at strikes. But who are we kidding Sean Sherk will go for the take down and ground and pound. Whoo Hoo! No really that’s all I have for this fight. In closing some under card fighters would be more exciting like Thales Leites vs Drew Mcfedries, Spencer Fisher vs Shannon Gugerty, Hermes Franca vs Marcus Aurelio, Josh Burkman vs Pete Sell which could be a slug fest. Mcfedries likes to put people to sleep. Good Nite!


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