Dance of the Dead movie review

Yes! another zombie movie. This time its teen puberty meets zombie. A town with a nuclear power plant starts reviving the dead and just in time for prom. The unlikely hero’s are the outcast and troubled teens. I liked there were some twist to the usual zombie movie. The zombies in this movie could move very fast but were still easy to kill. Justin Welborn plays the school bully, he pulls a zombies arm and stabs the zombie in the head with its arm. I don’t care who you are that’s funny! Unlike other zombie flicks this one was pretty tame with some gore just for good measure. This is good Halloween fun for most people. I enjoyed it. Like a lot of teen movies it carries the theme that kids or teens just need a chance and that its OK if your a geek. Hey its a feel good teen zombie flick. I think it had a lot more potential. Through out the movie there was some build up for some payback from these outcast that would have added to this light hearted movie. Well its light hearted to me. Although it is rated “R”. Don’t you just love October?


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