UFC 89 Pre-Fight

Michael “The Count” Bisping vs Chris “The Crippler” Leben

Chris Leben is a wild card, against Anderson Silva he was getting hit and he would swing wildly put nowhere near hitting Silva. Against most fighters he has a better chance to land a wild punch and knock out his opponent. So! Michael Bisping can pick him apart but being very careful not to get lazy or pay the crippler his do. I think this will be a step up in competition for Michael Bisping. Still I think Bisping is only getting better and will be stronger at 185 lb. I belief Bisping has the edge and if his smart can win a decision. I think trying too hard to knock out Chris Leben spells TKO! NO! NO!

Keith “The Dean of Mean” Jardine vs Brandon “The Truth” Vera

The truth is Brandon Vera has been hot and cold. When his on his game I think his champion material. It’s possible that this is an example of how important the preparation mentally plays for every fight. In past fights he has looked so skilled I remember thinking keep an eye on this guy his going to the top. Dropping down in weight should prove better for Vera. Oh! but he has to fight The Dean of Mean. That guy does not stop. An example of that is when Jardine fought Wilson Gouveia which I think is another good fighter that got off track. Keith Jardine just out worked him to win a decision. But early Gouveia showed his skill and was getting the better of the two. Which leads me to Brandon Vera who has the talent to beat anybody if he can stay focus on how he needs to beat his opponent. I see Brandon Vera winning by split decision.

Rameau Sokoudjou vs Luiz Cane

I don’t know about Luiz Cane but Sokoudjou brings excitement to the ring with potential knock out. Every one loves knock outs.

Paul Taylor vs Chris Lytle

Talk about knock outs! These two fighters will be looking to end a fight quick. Paul Taylor has lost fights due to his ground game. If he can keep the fight standing his got nice kicks he could land a round house and it would be lights out for Chris Lytle. A little bit of humor there. I’ve seen Chris Lytle fight before but really I can’t remember alot about his style.

Paul Kelly vs Mark Davis

My question here will Mark Davis be as strong a puncher at 170 lb. as he was at 155 lb. I saw Paul Kelly fight Paul Taylor and he is strong with good ground and pound. I liked Mark Davis at 155 lb. I thought he could keep knocking guys out till he got a title shot. Standing up or on the ground Mark Davis should be a “hand-full” either way. Another attempt at a joke.

If time permits maybe will see Dan Hardy I’ve read at UFC that his a good fighter. If Shane Carwin gets a knock out over Neil Wain they might show that because Carwin has the one puch power. Hey! its what the people love don’t hate the writer hate the game.


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