Zombie Strippers Movie Review

It seems strange to me that nobody has made this kind of flick before. Maybe we are witnessing a new trend. To kick it off who would guess Jenna Jameson. That alone just for curiosity you have to see this horror film. Cheesy low budget bloody gore nudity. I think that about covers the movie. I found it surprisingly funny. I have to say it again horror classics all have low budget, half decent story and some hot woman loosing her clothes. There you go cult classic. Zombie Strippers has it all and tons of it. Part of the cheesy fun added by Robert Englund aka “Freddy Krueger”. Englund plays owner of the strip bar and his only concern is to make money. There’s this internal struggle between the pretty dancers. Oh! I guess if you date Jameson you can get a small part in the film as well. Tito Ortiz plays a pansy bouncer. Funny because he is suppose to be a tough Mixed Martial Arts Fighter. At one time he was a champ in the UFC. If you like movies like the re-animator you will go crazy about this one. Lots of bloody flesh for any die hard zombie fan. The movie was over the top like its meant to be, that why it works and makes it a fun flick to watch.


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