The Mist Movie Review

Ok! I’ve been looking for Halloween type movies so I watched The Mist. The Idea or story was interesting to me but instead of focusing on that human side with a taste of religion. That seems to be the ongoing theme for King. Well I would have enjoyed if the story leaned more towards a different dimension spilling into ours. And It would still be suspenseful. I’m not saying a didn’t like the movie but I’m not a huge Stephen King fan. Although guilty of seeing a lot of the movies made from his books. Creatures in the Mist I like it. And that crazy woman always going on about the all mighty and the end of days. It started to get to me and I was sitting on the couch in my boxers having a smoothie. I remember Thomas Jane as the Punisher or better The Dreamcatcher I love that movie. Of course the pretty leading lady Laurie Holden who is in the new series The Shield which I’m crazy about. Just for fun she was in The Majestic with funny man Jim Carrey. She has a glow about her. Well the search will continue to find more halloween movies, its my adult fun or something like that!


3 thoughts on “The Mist Movie Review

  1. For a Stephen King movie, the ironic ending is a given; however, I have to say that this one he got right. He didn’t wrap it up in some sort of poetic justice like Insomnia or Thinner, he made the protagonist make a choice, a very hard choice, then he put him through the wringer. It was refreshing to see that from a King story.

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