Acid Def Sea Cigar

Once long ago I stopped by a friends house during Christmas holidays. He received a box of cigars for X-mas. He got Acid Kuba Kuba. Now until this day I would smoke on a occasion Back Woods or Switzer Sweets. I had Kuba kuba and thought this was the best cigar I have ever smoked. I was on a mission to find out about this cigar and are there more just as good or better. Looking back I think I got a little obsessed. This was really my start to great smokes. I read about them, found the local cigar shops and then I went to the Internet. Boy! talk about a kid in a candy store. It’s strange to me but as I tried different cigars I got away from flavoured cigars. What I thought was the greatest then today I really don’t like flavoured cigars. But I think Def Sea perfecto is mellow enough to enjoy from time to time, you know change it up now and then. The cigar Def Sea is a good looking cigar with a sweet smell to it. I think alot of people would agree perfecto size are one of the best shapes. This cigar tonight had tons of smoke with a nice ash but not very long. Its nice for my neighbor when it doesn’t stink so much. I would say they are worth a try. People tell me taste can change but I leave it open to enjoy cigars. I forgot to take a picture, sorry it really is nice looking.


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