Mother of Tears Movie Review

There was a time I would seek out old horror movies. To my surprise there was a certain formula most films had. Low budget, half decent story line and at least one pretty woman getting naked. Like I said many old movies I’ve seen followed this formula. Probably low budget because back when they were more taboo than today’s movies. In horror you only need a decent story to move things along. The naked girl I think it was some of that taboo, a little something to shock you. Especially the vampire movies really worked hot girls into the movie. Oh! yeah I’m suppose to be talking about Mother of Tears. If this movie becomes a classic it didn’t hurt that Dario Argento directed and his daughter Asia Argento was the leading lady. I think famous in her own obscure way. One glitch to me it didn’t have that low budget feel but hey hard to fault the efforts. It could be too much effort could  have over done the over all film. Decent story with a little slow moving. Plenty of pretty ladies taking there clothes off. I luv artistic movies. I first recall seeing Asia Argento in New Rose Hotel. Mysterious beauty that movie was probably real bad but I didn’t notice. Most people would know her in Triple X with Vin Diesel. She was the sexy undercover agent Yelena. Actually she was a terrible agent. Another lady worth noticing is Moran Atias who played Mother of Tears. You know horror flicks never win awards or answers the mysteries of life. Horror Movie are fun to scare us, shock us in a fantasy not to be taken too serious. Yes a good horror film worth some popcorn. Maybe I should mention this was a trilogy but I did not see the previous films. Sounds like a ToDo list. Suspiria (1977) and Inferno (1980). Man thats alot of time for a trilogy. What happen to busy, I’ll get around to it tomorrow. I’m not sure was I suppose to tell you more about the movie. There are pleny of web site with all the technical review. I’m just free flowing chill baby!


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