C.A.O. Brazilia

CAO Brazilia Go!

CAO Brazilia Go!

After some rainbow twist pasta chichen alfredo, the humidor was calling. Tonight feels like a CAO. C.A.O. Brazilia Go! a huge 5X56 Brazilian wrapper with nicaraguan filler and binder. Holding this cigar it feels hefty. This stick the draw was a little tight but some adjustment provided plenty of smooth smoke. Perhaps a better description would be creamy smoke. Most of the time the draw with these cigars have been good. I was thinking sometimes ones day or perhaps just a favorite meal followed by a good cigar makes one feel like life is good. Maybe the economy is terrible or going there. For an hour and half roughly I could just enjoy the stars and some peaceful time. And I didn’t have to steal a million dollars. The ash kept the cigar shape thats gotta score points with anybody. This brand has a strong maduro smell and taste there is no mistake your smoking a maduro wrapper. Towards the end the nub I found it hard to put down. Not too hot with full flavor and leaving you to dream of the next time one can have a little peace.


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