5 Vegas Limitada ’06

Ah! yes its Monday night football. The Dallas Cowboys vs The Philadelphia Eagles. Tonite I have chosen a very nice looking belicoso shape 5 Vegas Limitada ’06. Sumatra wrapper its taste mild, kind of reminds me of fine leather. At first lighting it the draw was a little tight. I rolled the tip to loosen it then it gave out a lot of smoke. There was a slight tingle in my tongue, I guess a little spicy. Very smooth smoke, it seems to be a full body. Mid way and even more at the end I liked this cigar more. The ash at first was alittle curved but held together very well. I liked the aroma around me too. Good cigar atmosphere. Football atmosphere! I love maduro cigars but I like to change so I can enjoy returning to my favorite. A couple of times the cigar got too hot and it seem a little sour. My guess is it needs more time in the humidor. I’m really getting crazy about this. My theory is any cigar would be ten times better after a long time maturing in a humidor. My problem is waiting that long. On the bright side the cowboys pull out a win from what looks to me a good eagles team. Man! I hate that! 5 Vegas Limitada ’06 at a price of about $5 dollars seems like a very good price. Especially looking at the presentation and the fine quality of the cigar. I thought it would be more money.


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