Padron 2000 Maduro Review

Picture this scene, Sitting outside. Cool night with a full moon and watching some mma fights on The Ultimate Fighter Show. Looking at a Padron 2000 Maduro the construction is a little bit rough. Sometimes I think the wrapper might come loose but it never has. It has that maduro wrapper smell. So its no surprise that smoking it you can tell your smoking a maduro puro. For the most part it was pleasantly smooth but not dull and sometimes a hint of sweet taste. I thought the cigar was consistent throughout. The ash was white are very firm, at least an inch or better. You know you have a good cigar. For about three dollars this makes a great cigar in anybodies humidor. It’s cigars like this that raise the bar. Any other cigar especially when they are over eight dollars. I feel like this cigar has to be better or its not something I will smoke often. Well this is all about the padron 2000 maduro and tonight was a great smoke night. Thanks Padron from a happy cigar enthusiats, this is my Idea of leisure baby!


2 thoughts on “Padron 2000 Maduro Review

  1. Another great cigar by a great cigar family. Very rarely do I stray from the Fuente, Newman or Padron families when it comes to purchasing cigars.

    I have been gifted plenty of other brands but, when it comes to spending my money, I always go for the quality. As you mentioned in this review, quality does not always have to mean big $$$ for a cigar.

    The maduro tobacco that the Padron family uses is some of the best in the world.

    You’ve just inspired me to smoke a fine budget Fuente. Look for my review later today !

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