Post Fight UFC 88

WoW! I’m stunned!

Chuck Liddell vs Rashad Evans

I thought Evans had a lot of speed but I never thought he would stand toe to toe with Liddell. It was like a dream in the second round Evans starts to put punches together. I thought he must of learned alot from Keith Jardine, but I didn’t think he would Knock Out Chuck Liddell. Rashad Evans threw some jabs to keep Liddell guessing. Then in a flash he throws a tight over hand right that lands right on the chin of Liddell and he was instantly out. At the time Liddell was throwing a looping upper cut that landed on Evans chest, I don’t think he ever saw that right hand. The replays shows a blur of Rashad’s arm moving so fast. I’m still in shock really.

Rich Franklin vs Matt Hamill

Franklin came out kicking tonight to slow down Hamill. I don’t know why Hamill didn’t try more take downs. Pretty much Franklin was to good a striker for Hamill. At one point I thought Franklin might land a head kick and score a Knock Out. As the fight went on Franklin landed more punches and kicks. Franklin mention that the weight is a problem he will need to make changes.

Dan Henderson vs Rousimar Palhares

I asked for it and I got it this was a good performance from Henderson. Yes I think he played it safe but he shows skill to avoid submissions and his endurance held. Palhares got a taste of the top MMA fighter. In the cage your going to get punched. Palhares can take a shot because I thought couple of times the fight was close to Henderson getting a TKO. Henderson’s wrestling prove to be the difference.

Nate Marquardt vs Martin Kampmann

Marquardt landed a nice round house kick on Kampmanns head. Once stunned Marquardt poured it on with punches from everywhere. Marquardt looked  so much bigger than Kampmann. Never saw Kampmann get anything started. Tonight it was all Nate “The Great” Marquardt.


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