Preview UFC 88

After the last UFC 87, 88 seems unlikely to be as good. Now I hear Karo Parisyan is out due to an injury. That was one fight I wanted to see. But hey you never know what a fighter will do. Sometimes I fighter gets hit or taken down and he doesn’t want to fight. There those special fighters that only need a great fighter to help them elevate their status and belief they have what it takes.

Chuck Liddell vs Rashad Evans

Logic tells me Chuck Liddell is a favorite to win. Much more experience and knock out punching power. Chuck has to not forget Keith Jardine. If you don’t chase Liddell and most important mix up attack, Liddell can be taken away from his game. I tend to think Rashad Evans has not had very tough opponents. To me his most impressive fights were against Jason Lambert and Tito Ortiz. Neither fighter is close to Chuck Liddell. I do believe Rashad Evans has been improving. What I do see is talent with perhaps the right time. Yes I believe Rashad Evans has what it takes to will against Chuck Liddell. If Evans can jab & kick enough to get take downs I believe his wrestling is better and can keep Liddell down. Fighters have tried to come out strong and take it too Liddell. How many fights do we have to see that won’t work. Liddells injury in the gym says time is running out for him, hey! it happens to everyone. This could be the fight for Rashad Evans. Most people count him out but he finds a way to win. I predict Rashad Evans wins TKO in third round.

Rich Franklin vs Mark Hamill

Rich Franklin is a favorite fighter of mine. I don’t know how well he can fight at 205 weight class. This is a perfect test. Matt Hamill has decent stand up but very strong and good ground and pound. I don’t think Hamill is a top contender but his a perfect measure for Franklin. Rich should keep light on his feet and strike. Unless Hamill walks thru the punches Franklin should win. I do think it will go the distance. Franklin wins by decision

Dan Henderson vs. Rousimar Palhares

Dan came from pride as a champ. I didn’t think he had a good showing against Quentin Jackson. Against Anderson Silva I thought he showed a lot of courage. Once he was hurt by Silva his defense against submission well that was tough fight. What I’m getting at is I’ve yet to see the best of Dan Henderson. I’ve only seen Palhares once fight and his Jiu-Jitsu is scary. But any MMA fan knows you get hit hard and it changes everything. Well I feel its a long shot but Palhares wins by submission

Nate Marquardt vs Martin Kampmann

Kampmann had a nice submission against Drew Mcfedries. Marquardt fought Anderson Silva and well like most he didn’t look good. This might be a striking bout but I would think Kampmann to take it to the ground for a submission. Kampmann wins

Well who knows huh! I will take note of Mike Brown another TUF Fighter. Kurt Pellegrino has put good fights in the past. Don’t be surprise the UFC loves upsets.


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